Thursday, 24 September 2020

Draw to match the multiplication

My Recount

On a cloudly day my class were gonna play a game outside but it had to rain so we came inside. When we came inside we played a little game named Heads or tales, we had to be silent its when you have to choose to put your hand on your head or your bottom if a gold coin flips on heads you have 5 sconds to get it right.In the game I felt sad because I lost all of it.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Write the multiplication to match the picture

Grammar Adjectives

Calvin and Hobbes Punctuation L2

"Any monsters under my bed tonight"?? Hobbes asks skeptically. He screams."No, Nope,Uh,uh".come the ghostly whispers from under the bed.
"well there'd better not be I'd hate to have to torch one of you with my flame thrower"! shouts Calvin standing on the edge of his bed. "You have a flame thrower"? Whispers
Calvin from under the covers. They lie, I lie Calvin and Hobbes were lying in bed when Calvin suddenly sits up."Wanna see something weird"? Calvin asks Hobbes while  standing in the kitchen."Watch. You put the bread in this slot and push down the lever".Says Calvin while putting his bread into the toaster.The toasted bread flies up into the air and Calvin shouts."Then in a few minutes, toast pops up"! "Wow. Where does the bread go"? Asks Hobbes."Beats me. Isn’t that weird"? Replies Calvin.